Best places to travel alone as a woman must be the great idea of you especially the woman who wants to have an interesting but safe journey. Of course, the safe journey does not mean that your destination is not challenging because there are also some best places which both challenging and safe for a woman.

When you are going to travel to refresh and relax your mind during the holiday, you would better find the information about best places to travel alone as a woman online via internet or offline first by asking some local people near your home.

Best places for traveling

Here are some places in the U.S. which might be best to you, especially the woman travelers, since they are safe and less expensive.

  1. The Great Smoky Mountains. It is true that most men go climbing the mountain but women also can climb the mount since it is better for their health. There, you might experience staying at the Park Vista a Double Tree which offers completed features including the two restaurants, an indoor pool, and the mountain views. There are also miles of trails and American popular national park to challenge.
  2. Myrtle Beach. Do you love spending your time by sitting on the beach? Then, let you consider traveling to this beach. Myrtle Beach offers visitors the Ripley’s Aquarium display, wildly popular boardwalk, charter fishing expeditions, and miles of beautiful smooth sand. You might enjoy your day here, at the Myrtle Beach by USD $79.
  3. Mammoth Cave National Park. This place has been opened for a long time. Same as its name, the Mammoth national park has a lot of animals especially mammoth itself. This place is best for both adults and children to learn and see directly the wildlife nature.
  4. Yellowstone National Park. Actually, this Yellowstone Park is pretty similar to the Mammoth cave park. Yet, the Yellowstone Park offers not only the safari display but also the jaw-dropping scenery and warm western hospitality to look. There are many
    best places to travel alone as a woman
    best places to travel alone as a woman

    famous programs exist including hiking and camping.

Tips to travel cheap

Going to the best places to travel alone as a woman spends a lot of money. However, if you wish you can travel cheap, you need to pay attention to several tips below.

  1. Cash. Do not bring much cash. This is because woman tends to love buying anything so that if she has much money, of course, in a minute, she will waste it. The use of ATMs must be a great way since it can minimalize fees by making fewer withdrawals.
  2. Touristy restaurant. Do you think that touristy restaurant will price cheap since it is for tourists? No, that is untrue. Let you avoid having a meal in a touristy restaurant because it offers expensive price, instead, you can eat in a local food stall.
  3. Vehicle. Do you have or own your personal vehicle like a car? Then, why don’t you drive your car? This is way cheaper than renting the car since it will spend a lot of money and sometimes, the car is not as comfortable as you think.
  4. A stay. There are many stays available including the motel, hotel, or resort. However, if you want to save money, you’d better think of staying in the motel. The cheap motel is not always bad because you can enjoy the free Wi-Fi connection, too.

Finally, find the best places to travel alone as a woman will be able to make you really exciting.