Vacation meant time to traveling. Pack your bag and go to travel. A new place is waiting to be visited. There are many interesting destinations around the worlds then which one do you want. Determine the beautiful place as your destination. If you have never visited the country such as travel to New Zealand why don’t you try to go there?

New Zealand is exactly in the southwestern Pacific Ocean. Travel to New Zealand presents both cultural and natural view in the similar beauty. This is a great destination actually. Start exploring to travel New Zealand because of many interesting activities could be done in this country.

Each destination is always meaningful for the traveler. Every place in the part of the world is always different and of course, they have an attractive icon. Therefore make your best plan and to do list when planning to visit a new place.

Explore the detail of New Zealand

New Zealand
  1. Wellington

Wellington is the capital city of New Zealand; this is so popular not only about nature but also culture. The beautiful city is called wellington having an attractive place to visit such as museum, gallery, and boutique even though it is not a big city. There are most top sights of wellington such as top papa, city gallery wellington, Mt Victoria lookout, Drowse Art museum, and the others. Don’t miss the interesting place in wellington.

  1. Urban Auckland

Auckland is also well-known because of largest and diverse city in New Zealand. Seashore attracts people to know deeper about this city. This is the place where people live near a beautiful beach and many enhancing islands.

The activity could be done for having fun to travel to New Zealand

  • Backpacking

You might visit the place where you can find a new experience. Backpacking is another interesting activity for you. This could be done alone or with your friends. Of course, it must be a fun activity for you. Travel so far and you are back with a new soul. Traveling always teach us many things. Go to New Zealand as a backpacker is impressive, indeed it will be adorable especially when this is the first experience for you.

  • Shopping

Whether women or men, shopping will be an interesting activity when you go a new place, there are always different things could be bought. Buy the souvenirs or local product in this place such as paua shell which is made of shell and carved becomes a shining shell. You will find something special in this place and you will be impressed with the quality as a gift for your beloved one.

However are you shopaholic? And you wanna try a new fashion style, so grab it fast. Don’t be hesitated. Choose your best style and you get your satisfaction.

Many kiwis are sold in this country; precisely you are free for consuming kiwis as you want. Kiwi is well known as an icon of New Zealand. There is a popular store called Kiwiana that you could visit and purchase kiwi as a delicious fruit. Or you are curious about a popular dessert made from kiwi such as Pavlova, you must try it.