There only several movies that take the theme specific such as Everest: mountaineering goes Hollywood. If we see in Hollywood world movies, there are not many lists of the movies that took the theme of mountaineering. Some movies that related to the mountaineering are Vertical Limit and Cliff Hanger. Both of these movies have successfully distributed in the cinemas. Many people wonder what about the movie that unique to the Everest, the highest peak in this world.  There is only one so far. The movie is called Everest.

This will be interesting to talk about the mountaineering movie that taken from Asia but made in the U.S and distributed globally. The Everest movie was a 2015 movie that released based on the true story. We will try to discover more about this Everest: mountaineering goes Hollywood movie. The first thing you should know is that this movie isn’t merely about the mountaineering, but it’s about the disaster too.

Overview of Everest movie

This movie is known as the one and also successful Everest: mountaineering goes Hollywood movie. This movie was adapted from a real story called Left for Dead: My Journey Home from Everest (2000) by Beck Weathers. The real story was about the disaster that happened in 1996.

This film opened on September 2 and starred all-star actor such as Jason Clark. This movie tells about the expedition of two climber groups to reach the peak of the Everest. Many things happen during their expedition. The first production of this film is started in Italia for few weeks, in Iceland and then in Nepal. Even some of the shooting processes are taken to the Everest Base Camp and the Camp II. What most people didn’t know about the shooting is that there is a scary accident behind the process.

This film released by the Universal Pictures at the first time in the U.S and Canada, and then followed by the other countries. The budget for this film production was about $55 million. This film grossed about $203.4 million worldwide and had the biggest opening at that month.

Review and Critics

This film has received many positive responses from critics. The story and the ending of the movie also have received great responses. Taken from the IMDb, this film got 7.1/10 ratings. While from the Rotten Tomatoes it got 73% from the Tomatoes and 68% from the audience. From the Metacritic, it got 64%.

Although there are also many negative critics received, this movie teaches many things about the mountaineering, teamwork, even leadership. This movie is also recommended for those who are climbers. You can learn how to survive and think about yourself and your team when you try to reach the top of the mountain. The horrifying disaster that shows at the movie also can motivate you to be careful and prepare for any disaster that could come. This Everest: mountaineering goes Hollywood movies will not only give new insight for general people that haven’t visited Everest but also will give the new perspective for those who are planning to climb this highest peak on Earth.