Have you ever go traveling to Seoul-Korea for holiday or having fun? Many amazing  places in there you can explore for your destination. Here are some pretty unique places that many traveler has visited.

  1. Damyang is the one and only place in Korea that can grow bamboo which located within a forest of 2.4 kilometers of bamboo, so Korean people celebrate it with this festival. This festival is full of activities celebrating the beauty and function of the bamboo plant.

    damyang korea
  2. Traditional Korean hanok houses in the middle city of Jeonju.While the rest of the city has been industrialized, Hanok Village retains its historical charms and traditions.

    hanok korea
  3. Wawoojongsa Temple was established in 1970 by Kim Hae-Geun, a monk who was displaced by the Korean War. The temple is not only a reflection of the monk’s sincere hope for the reunification of the North and South, but is also the birthplace of the Korean Buddhist Nirvana Order.
    wawoojongsa tample

    If you have plans to traveling to Seoul-Korea this year, now is the right time to go there, because it’s summer. In the summer usually there are many festival held. So it will be more fun and exciting.

   To traveling to Seoul Korea is not expensive. You can use public transportation and home-stay to minimize your budget, so you can stay longer there.