Bali is one of the most popular islands in wonderful Indonesia. Known as nature, art and culture make this island worth as your bucket list for your holiday. There are many things could you explore in Bali. You will be amazed because of it. So time to go to Bali meant time to be happy. Be ready to get your best moment and memories by visiting Bali.

Having fun in Bali

There are many interesting activities that could be done in beautiful Bali. Always there is the reason for having fun on this island. This adorable island offers many attractive enhancements such as nature, art and also culture. The island is one of the hidden paradises in Indonesia. The compact nature, art, and culture combine perfectly.

The traditional culture attracts many visitors to know deeper about Bali such as traditional Balinese dance. Or enjoy the delicious traditional food in Bali while you are sitting on the seashore is a good choice. You are pretty lucky to see a beautiful sunset on the beach in the afternoon. Set the romantic moment is a good idea. Best time to travel to Bali varies according to the season. Make your journey becomes special because you chose the right time to visit this island. You will be never bored because of it.

Best time to Bali

  1. June and July

There is a special time when you plan to visit Bali. The Best time to travel in Bali is generally in May, June, and July just before after the high season. If you avoid the peak season and want to try calmer situation in Bali. June and July are the best choices for spending your time enjoy the holiday.

  1. May

May becomes the warmest temperature; it is a good season for enjoying your holiday in Bali. The temperature average in May is about 28°C. You don’t feel so hot because of it. This is a good time for you to enjoy the beach and stroll around Bali Island. Feel the wonderful Bali; of course, it will create the best memories of you.

  1. April and October

There is also the peak tourist season, it is about April-October you will see the crowded Bali during this season. Many tourists from around the world come to visit for a summer holiday. Enjoy your holiday to see many people around the world spend their holiday on this beautiful island. Incredibly they feel enjoyed about Bali so much.

Many beautiful beaches in Bali such as Sanur Beach and Kuta Beach are worth to be visited. For a surfer, decide the right time for surfing is important. Enjoy the time for surfing perfectly in the best time.

Best time to visit Bali is not about the time itself but also you can gather with your beloved family and enjoy the holiday in Bali. It was never a wrong time to visit Bali. Just make your bucket list then enjoy much happiness when in Bali Island.