Tropical countries offer the beauty that can’t be found in countries that have four seasons, and this makes many people looking for the list of best tropical vacation spot. The beaches and the sceneries of tropical countries can be relaxing and are right places as vacation destinations with the family, friends or solo traveler.

Choosing the best tropical vacation spots in the world may be not easy, because there are many great destinations. Even the world first best vacation destination list last year is from the tropical country. We will provide you the tropical destination list around the world that can help you to find the destination that suits you.

Top five tropical vacation spot

The lists below are not only the best tropical vacation spots but also the most interesting place to be visited before you die. Many people have been considered and recommended these spots as the tourist destination that can help you to relax.

The first spot in our list is Bora-Bora. It located in Tahiti, French Polynesia. Many people said that it is the paradise of South Pacific. Not only the natural beauty of many beaches but also the real beauty of the island you will get. There are many things you can find in Bora-Bora other than beaches. But the beauty of the beaches made this spot as one of the best vacation spots for couples, especially for those who want to take a perfect honeymoon moment.

The second spot is Maldives which has been awarded as the best destination in the previous year from one of the biggest travel magazine. Maldives is known for its beautiful beaches and the great destination for those who like snorkeling, diving, and surfing. Many people agree that Maldives offer the best quality of scuba diving. The exotics of the underwater scenery will hypnotize everyone who sees it.

Our third list will be Hawaii, particularly the Kaua’i. This has been called as the tropical Eden. It offers a beautiful green rainforest, waterfalls and other green coastal peaks.

On our fourth list is Bali. This island is located in Indonesia, one of the Southeast Asian countries. Bali does not only offer you great beaches and natural adventure experiences, but it is a good place to recover your mind with the spiritual side. If your vacation is to relax and need some spiritual moment, this island will be the great destination. Some beautiful spots are including Ubud and Sanur.

The last list of our best tropical vacation spots in the world is located in Fiji, called the Mamanuca Island. The crystal-clear underwater and the green island around it will make you amazed.

Choosing the right destination for you

It is very hard to choose the right destination because every spot offers their natural beauty that can’t be found in other places. So, the primary thing to consider is you know what you need and your vacation purpose. Choose the place that fulfills your need for the place to have fun during your vacation. This will help you in deciding one or more places like your own best tropical vacation spot.