Are you planning a mesmerizing adventure around the world without breaking the bank? In fact, it does not have to be expensive to get a new and exciting experience outside of your area since there are the best places to travel in the world as I will show you in a list of good countries visiting in 2017 below!

Top Five Best Places to Visit for Cheap and the Reason Why

  1. Greece

Greece is a struggling country with the economy. That is what makes it famous as the best place to travel in the world for cheap in everything from sights, hotels, and food. You can take Souvlaki or Gyro salad just by paying $1-$2. Besides, with $100, you can book a three or four-star hotel. There are many breathtaking places you can visit here like Chania, Elafonisi, Crete, and Kefalonia.

  1. Indonesia

Not only affordable costs, but Indonesia also has an excellent tourist destination. Here, you can enjoy the gorgeous white sand beaches, jungles, savannas, volcanoes, and see orangutans in the remote forests.

Indonesia has many stunning places to travel for cheap, but the island of Bali remains the most favorite for tourists. You will be spoiled with many exotic beaches and Balinese Hindu Culture. This is where you will get the sensation of seeing stunning natural scenery at low prices. With $50 you can occupy a private villa with a pool overlooking the rice fields. Transportation and spa costs are also quite cheap. Bali also offers delicious, affordable, and healthy foods.

  1. South Africa

Anyone who travels here will be satisfied and find exciting experiences that will not be forgotten for all ages. You will have a fun and thrilling safari experience. For those of you who like hiking, go to the Drakensberg, and then the unusual nature will welcome you. In addition to safari parks and nature, South Africa has another remarkable place to visit namely Cape Town.

Why this country to be one of the recommended places for adventures with a small budget? It is because the cost of transportation here is quite cheap, i.e., $20 per day. Hotel prices are affordable, especially if you stay at Taj Hotels & Resorts in New York. In the standard room, you will be charged only $786 overnight.

If you are in Cape Town, you can even find a luxurious hotel room by paying just $266. Go there during low season or summer for the western countries because, at the time, safari lodge, Airbnb rental, hotels, and also private villa offer a much lower price.

  1. Cambodia

Why is Cambodia be one of the best places that are worth to travel in the world? In this country, you can get a bed for £ 2.50. UNESCO World Heritage site and official wonder of the world is one of the most popular tourist destinations here. You can get entrance fee of £ 28. With a cent, you can ride a combo bike or taxi which is called tuks tuks. International hotels and luxury shops in the Mekong also offer affordable rates.

  1. Morocco

Morocco is located just a stone’s throw from Europe. That is why this country become one of the best places to travel in the world, especially in Africa. You can enjoy typical Moroccan food ranging from $2, 50-$15 for a two-person portion. The menu includes appetizers, main dishes, and unlimited mint tea. If you are a vegetarian, this country is the best destination because here you will ding a much lower price of vegetables than meat. Fresh fruit smoothies cost about $1.

Morocco is a favorite place for you that are shopaholics. On the weekend, the price runs from $5 to $60 for leather goods such as wallets and handbags. Then, for those of you, who want to feel the luxury in Morocco but without breaking the back, stay at Riad Kreirredine. It costs only $80-$160 per night.

Although with a small budget, you can still have the opportunity to discover unusual places that will give you an unforgettable traveling experience. Hopefully, the list of the best places to travel in the world above can realize your dream to visit around the world even though your budget is minimal.