Hi good traveler how are you today? It’s always nice to sharing with you guys. This time I will share about Indonesian original food. So if one day you are traveling to Indonesia, then you can directly taste it.

Actually, there are a lot of Indonesian original food which is very delicious. But I will give 3 example kinds of Indonesian original food most popular for the traveler.

Here is a list of 3 Indonesian original food most popular for the traveler:

1. Fried Rice

Who does not know about fried rice? Even you can cook yourselves, right? Fried rice very popular in Indonesia it is also famous abroad. Fried rice is usually cooked with a simple spice, with soy sauce or sweet sauce and eggs. But also many variants of fried rice. There is seafood fried rice, goat fried rice or fried rice meatballs.

Fried Rice

2. Satay

Satay also we often encounter in various countries, satay is pierced meat and then burned. Usually, satay served with soup and ketupat or lontong sauce. The most famous satay in Indonesia is Satay Padang and Satay Madura.


3. Rendang

Original food from Padang, Indonesia is a beef cooked with various types of spices, and coconut milk. Rendang also famous to go abroad, Rendang is indeed a good taste.