Government traveler card is the most used by businessman nowadays. There are many kinds of this card. It makes travelers easier to do journey abroad. Well, the rising travel of businessmen abroad for business travel makes them must have travel cards. Not only that, now a lot of domestic tourists who are happy to take a vacation abroad for pleasure. That is why travel card is needed by everyone. So, what is travel card and what are the functions of the travel card for travelers? 


The Use of the Card

Travel card or government traveler card should be had by someone who wants to go to another country. If you have been accustomed to travel abroad, it is certainly very familiar with this one word. A travel card is a licensing document for someone wishing to travel between countries. Without a travel card, you can not enter and settle in a country. Travel card there are several types. Each type of travel card has a different function.

The first type is relatives permits. This type of travel card is used for those of you who have families who are abroad. Usually, if you are going to visit them, it is required to take care of this travel card first. The maximum time can usually be filed 90 days / three months. The terms of manufacture compared to other travel cards is an invitation from your family in the destination country. And, the statement that your family will be in charge during your stay in that country.

Then, there is a tourist card. Perhaps, this is one of the most famous and most widely requested travel card. If people vacation abroad can be sure use this travel card. This type of travel card will be used when you are planning a vacation abroad. Armed with this tourist visit tourist card then you will be allowed into the destination country. Anyone can submit the origin of the tourist card application requirements.


The Important of Government Traveler Card

Government traveler card is necessary for a tourist. The need for travel card in the journey between countries depends on the means of diplomacy in a government in carrying out its principles. Countries that develop diplomacy / bilateral are convoluted in international activities undertaken by governments and international organizations to increase their targets through negotiation practice channels related to taking care of various matters such as culture, economy, and trade.

Usually, in bilateral diplomacy takes place between two parties and is a mission of the embassy and state visit, and is used in dealing with international issues to achieve a world peace. Therefore, the use of government traveler card is different for each country. It depends on the rule of each country.   To be able to enter other countries usually every country requires a travel card to be allowed to enter the country. Otherwise, the visitor only needs to convince the officer that the visitor will not stay permanent in the country. Therefore, it is better for someone to have government traveler card before going to another country. It makes you safe and comfortable while you are doing your journey or your holiday abroad.