If you want to be the resident of the America, you need to have such the travel document for green card holders as the requirement to stay or work in America. This kind of travel document is also used to travel to another country for a specific purpose for working or for holiday only.

Travel document for green card holders must be created if you have stayed in America for ten days. The travel document for green card holder will be valid up for ten years only. You, therefore, need to renew this kind of travel document once it has been invalid.

Green card holders in details

If you wish to apply for the travel document for green card holders, it is a must for you to know the information about the green card holders. Here is the info about it.

  1. Some green cards do not expire. As it has been told before that the green card holders have expired date but actually there are some which do not have. Yet, do not think of having this card because the CBP officer will not be able to read the card due to the old photo which causes you are being asked by them to pay the fee for renewing the card.
  2. The limited time. If you want to be the permanent resident of American country, you need to think about the travel time limit. Green card holders are allowed to travel with the maximum time for six months. If you want to stay abroad for a long time, you have to apply for international green card travel.
  3. The stolen or lost card. You must contact the police department or the nearest U.S Consulate or Embassy to request the boarding foil. This boarding foil is always known as the transportation letter. Its function is to give info to the U.S that you have been outside for six months so that the U.S might allow you to reenter the country. Once you have been in the U.S, you should create the new green card.
  4. The abandonment of being the permanent resident. Surprisingly, the green card is not only for the immigrant but also the American resident itself. If you stay outside America for holiday for more than six months except for the international green card travel holder, you will lose your American resident status.

Additional info

Besides reading the info about the travel document for green card holders above, you also need to pay attention to this additional info about it below.

  1. Fingerprint. If you are about to apply the travel document for the green card, you need to have a fingerprint identifying. This fingerprint functions better to identify your data. When you lost the green car holder, you also need to re-fingerprint yourself.
  2. File form 1-131. Filing form 1-131 is required to do when you want to apply for the travel document for the green card holder so that you can get back to the U.S without facing any problem.
  3. Expired green card. Same as the passport, if your green card is expired; it will be invalid. It means you are not allowed to travel outside the U.S before renewing your card status.

Finally, the travel document for green card holders might not have many risks once you understand the use of the card.