Have you ever gone outside your city to do traveling? Well, you must need to show your passport and many other documents, right? In this situation, travel document wallet must be very useful not only for holding your travel document but also saving money or cards.

Travel document wallet could be purchased by you in any shop, both in a local shop and in an online one. Of course, if you want to get the affordable wallet, the online shop must be the best way since it offers you the discount.

Popular Document wallet

Every person must want the travel document wallet that is not only functional but also catchy. Well, here are the popular document wallets which may suit you.

  1. Soft PU leather travel document holder

Soft PU does cost less expensive; that is why this document holder is loved by people. Even though it is cheap, Soft PU has 10 varied compartments which all are functional. Also, it is designed in the lockable flap for such an easy access. This Soft PU is also made of leather material so that it surely will look cool.

  1. Lewis N. Clark Rfid Neck Stash

Sometimes, without realizing it, you might lose your document wallet because you forgot to place it. This actually does happen not only to old people but also the adult. Lewis is such the right solution for this problem. Lewis is kind of document holder which could be worn around your neck. This wallet is made of 100% nylon and has anti-RFID.

  1. Conair travels smart

Do you want to have such a catchy document holder? Well, let you pick Conair. This wallet looks beautiful because of its blue design color. Completed by RFID blocking, this wallet will keep your document safe. From coin to passport, you can save anything in this wallet.

  1. Landing gear neck pouch

If you want your bag is durable and resistant from water, you can buy Landing Gear. This pouch could hang around your shoulder or neck, make it easy to bring.

Things to notice

If you want to choose the best travel document wallet, you need to, in advance, consider many things below.

  1. Compartment. Document wallet that has several compartments up to 20 must have much space to save your several family documents. However, if you love traveling alone, without your family, you need to think of buying the one which has fewer compartments since they will be useless.
  2. Quality. Sometimes, people notice the price of thing most rather than its quality. Well, not all expensive document holders are qualified though. Therefore, you need to find the one which is qualified. Mostly, the qualified wallet is made of 100% nylon.
  3. Safety. It is better if you pick the document wallet that has RFID blocking system because this wallet will keep your documents safe from any other people except the owner of the wallet.
  4. Model. You are free to choose any model matches your taste but keep in mind that there are several models of wallet available. The colorful wallet might look best but dark one is also elegant. A document holder that has strap is very useful than the one which does not have.

In the end, travel document wallet which is resistant from water must be the best option for you who love traveling in any season.