Is it the first time for you to go traveling outside of your city? Then, you need to know about the document needed to travel abroad exactly. Well, this is important for you to bring the needed document while traveling because it has been the requirement for any traveler.

Document needed to travel abroad must be original; you cannot counterfeit the document because it is illegal so that you might even be caught by the police. Also, you are not allowed to use your sister’s document, for instance, while you are the one taking the travel.


List of the document needed

What travel documents do you need to carry while having international travel? Well, here is the list of document needed to travel abroad that you have to bring and require.

  1. Passport. You need to possess the passport before traveling abroad. If you have not, you can apply for a passport online. Keep in mind that the passport used must be valid; at least it is for 6 months from your travel date.
  2. Visa. Nowadays, there are many countries which allow the use of visa despite the passport. Same as the passport, your visa must be valid. If you are about to transit more than 12 hours, you need to apply for the transit visa.
  3. Travel insurance. It is a must to have a travel insurance or valid medical when you want to go abroad. Therefore, you will not get a problem of paying the cost when you are injury or get an accident.
  4. Foreign currency. According to the rule, you are not permitted to bring cash or traveler check more than US$ 10,000.
  5. Air ticket. You need to have a confirmed air ticket. This will differ as students and working professionals only.

Other documents needed

Even though there has been explained about document needed to travel abroad, you still need to bring these documents below to support your travel.

  1. Student ID. If you are a student, you need to take the student ID if it is possible. Ask your university to make you one. Student ID is very useful because, in some places, you will get the discount of visiting attractions, museum, or even Movie Theater if you own the student ID.
  2. A copy of E-ticket. Sometimes, in the specific international airport, you will not allow entering without showing your E-ticket. This will be a problem if you do not have the internet connection. Therefore, having the copy of E-ticket is the best way for you.
  3. Driver license. Sometimes, it is tiring to find the transportation to go to the places you want. You, therefore, decide to rent the motorcycle. Of course, if you want to do this, you need to have a valid driver license.
  4. Copies of recent visa. When you are going to stay in a hotel which does not require a copy machine, you need to prepare the copies of your recent visa to fill the form at the check-in desk.

Finally, the document needed to travel abroad is very important to anyone so that he or she must it well from being lost.


Document Needed to travel abroad