Sometimes, people will make a plan to go some places when a holiday has come. They make it before a holiday because usually, some places have booked by other people. So they have to order or choose some places that will be their destination. Some families usually prefer to go to other countries, such as Singapore, Australia, Japan, China or Korea, etc. They prefer some places in different countries because they think that is really interesting.

People must be confused to choose which place that should be chosen. There are some people invite to their family to enjoy the journey, but sometimes the price of package travel agent in the holiday is higher than the price in weekdays. So, they must need a tour package with low price. Because to go out there, people must spend lots of money. That is why people choose travel agent for their holiday in other countries. There are some travel agents that are provided some complete packages of holiday for Indonesia people. Let’s check out the information about those packages.

Some packages of travel agent in holiday

Here is some packages tour that is offered by the travel agent, such as:

  1. Tour Package to Malaysia

The travel agent provides a package tour to Malaysia. The price of the package is about $241. It consists of a flight ticket, hotel, breakfast, tour tickets, and guides. That is the cheapest tour package of Malaysia. You can go to the Malaysia by spending $241. You will get those facilities, a comfortable and fun trip.

  1. Tour Package to Singapore

The travel agent provides a package tour to Singapore with a low price. The price of the package is about $236. It consists of the flight tickets, a breakfast, coffee break, Singapore city tour, a hotel to take a rest, and a professional tour guide. You will enjoy your holiday in Singapore in three days. You can enjoy those facilities by choosing this package.

  1. Tour Package to South Korea (Seoul)

The travel agent provides the special price for the tour package to South Korea. The cost of the package is about $600. There is a special discount for this package. It consists of free flight tickets, hotel, Free Bus Transportation (AC), city tour, meal packages, and the tour guides who will guide you in Korea. You can enjoy your day in South Korea in two days.

  1. Tour Package to Thailand (Bangkok)

The travel agent offers a special price for tour package in Bangkok. The price is about $224. You can get facilities, such as flight tickets, a hotel, breakfast, a package of drink, transportation, and tour guide.

Those are some tour packages in the holiday. Which package do you like? You can choose one of them to your destination. The price is really calculable with the facilities. I think that the facility that is offered by each package is great. You may not regret to use the travel agent that offers some tour packages with low prices. I hope that the information will help you to find the best tour package for your holiday.

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