Known Traveler Number or what usually called KTN which is usually used for PreCheck and it has nine digit numbers which usually begin with 98. PreCheck can be reached via some programs including Global Entry, NEXUS, and SENTRI. Those three programs are programs of U.S Customs and Border Protection. Once you got the card, you will not be granted to access TSA Pre lanes. There are some basic knowledge about this number that you need to know, no matter if you are a non-US citizen.

Since this is an important issue, including for the foreigner that will need access to register primarily for the Global Entry, we will provide you some information about getting a known traveler number for yourself and about what we can do with this number. The necessary information here will help you if you don’t have any idea about this number. This basic information will be the fundamental knowledge to at least avoid you from the basic mistake.

How to know

If you already have one of the Global Entry, NEXUS or SENTRI card, you can quickly check your KTN. Your number can be found on the back of your card. Or if you lose your card and can’t find it while you are in a hurry in needing it, you can directly go to the Global Online Enrollment System account to the website to find yours.

If you are TSA Pre members, you can get your number by using the online service through the Universal Enroll website. You will need to fulfill some data before processing to get your number detail.

There is no particular method of getting a known traveler number because once you got pre-approved Global Entry system, you will automatically get your KTN. But it’s not enough. Your KTN needs to be assigned by the U.S Government before you can use it.

The benefit of having KTN

The benefits of a known traveler number for the members are varied depending on the situation. It has been mentioned by the of U.S Customs and Border Protection that the program such as Global Entry is to offer travel benefits and reduce the risk of the traveler when they are entering the U.S.

KTN itself can be used to get the TSA Pre. To get this program, you can use the KTN or provide it when you make the airline reservation. So whenever you make a reservation or book the flight ticket from the participating airlines, you will need to add your KTN in your reservation or book form. Some of the participating airlines are including Air Canada, United Airlines, Delta Airlines, American Airlines and Virgin America.

Please keep in mind that there are strict requirements for those who want to apply as Global Entry member. There are several countries other than the U.S that can apply to get the card. And probably the benefit of each citizen of a particular country will be different compared to the other citizen from other countries. So if you are an international citizen and planning to get Global Entry card to have your known traveler number, make sure that you have read all the requirements and eligibility to apply for it on the CBP website.