Are you going to go traveling with your friends or family? Then, you must follow the requirements including bringing the documents. Best travel document holder/case must be the important thing needed by people. Of course, people use the document holder to save their document needed to travel.

Best travel document holder/case mostly is available in wallet design but it is possible for you to find it in belt pouches design, too. Almost people use the travel document holder to carry the passport, cards, cash and many others.

Best travel document holder

Exactly, you need to buy the document holder to save a lot of documents of you and your family. Here might be best travel document holder/case that you can select.

  1. Butter Fox travel wallet

This type of document holder actually is the best sold out one. This wallet has many specific details like the wrist strap used as the neck strap once you unclip it. There are about 18 compartments inside available in varied sizes and 2 compartments outside to access the documents quickly. ButterFox is made of polyester material so that this document holder must be strong.

  1. Visconti travel wallet

This wallet might be the top one after the ButterFox design. Even though this is a wrist holder, Visconti wallet is loved by people because it has several compartments up to 13. The design of the wallet is which made of soft leather brings the elegant look to this holder.

  1. Go Travel document wallet

Go Travel wallet is very functional; it has 18 compartments that let you save your documents and money at the same time. Also, there is RFID blocking available to prevent your document being stolen by the thief. Go Travel wallet is the type of the wrist wallet that has black color.

  1. Koruma travel wallet

Koruma wallet is the perfect choice for they who have a limited budget because this wallet is cheaper. Even though, it has 17 compartments to hold such varied documents. Plus, this wallet is not only available in black but also red. However, it is made of synthetic leather which is not last long if you do not take care of it carefully.

Several tips about document holder

If you are about to choose the best travel document holder/case, you need to pay attention to several tips below.

  1. Specific details

When you want to purchase the document holder, you must know the details whether or not it has many compartments and RFID blocking. Of course, the best document holder must have those details.

  1. Price

Even though the document holder sold looks catchy and functions better, if you do not have enough money, you would not be able to buy it for sure. Therefore, you need to get one which matches your budget.

  1. Model

Document holder could not only be available in wrist type but also shoulder and neck types. If you wish you will not hold it directly with your hands, you could choose the model of document holder that has shoulder or neck strap.

  1. The color

As you wish, document holder comes in many selections of color. It is available in black, red, brown, and navy. Choose the one color which is suitable to your taste.

Finally, best travel document holder/case is very useful to anyone who needs to bring the document like the passport to travel abroad.