World’s most dangerous airlines headline is rare to find at the global newspaper. Most of the headline news about airlines is about the best service, the best cabin crew and the five-star airlines from all over the world. Every year, there are awards for those good things in various versions of institutions, and it will be published globally. It is entirely different with the rank of the different quality of the airline that rarely published.

But here we will provide the information about it. This information is useful not only to make your knowledge about airlines getting wide. However, it is also to make yourself aware if your later flight is the plane that on this list. If the safety of an airline is your priority, then you must read this. This will make you choose the better airlines that suit with your purpose. There will be five airlines from around the world that will be on our world’s most dangerous airlines list.

List of world’s most dangerous airlines

The first airline on our list is Kam Air. This airline has been facing severe and fatal incidents many times which make them defined as one of the worst airline ever.

The second airline is Lion Air. This airline is based in Indonesia and offers some international flights such as in Singapore and Malaysia. Although this airline is one backpacker’s favorite airlines due to low fare airlines, some of the fatal accidents have happened, and it is the most airlines that appear in many headline news for bad things made their reputation goes down.

Nepal Airlines is on our third list. In the last three decades, there are several fatal accidents happens to this airlines. If you are taken from airline safety ratings, this airline only gets one star from many passengers that have been experienced flying with this airline that based in Nepal.

On our four world’s most dangerous airline’s list, there is SCAT Airlines. This airline is based in Kazakhstan, and it has been banned by the European Commission for some reasons.

At the last list, there is Tara Air which is based in Nepal. This airline was good because it offers several flights to rural destinations across Nepal. But it only exists for about six years only. This makes us question what happened inside this airline.

How to choose the safe airline?

If you are planning to travel around the world by plane, make sure you know the quality of the plane that you want to use. To check it, you can first try to search the information about the airlines as a whole, including its security.

You can also try to check the type of the plane for your next flight from your ticket. If you booked online, you could see the type of the plane that will carry you to your destinations. Each type has its characteristics which can be considered before deciding if it’s good or not. Another thing is just to use the plane from the trusted airlines that you can find online. You can also keep yourself updated about world’s most dangerous airlines because sometimes it can change depending on the airline’s service.